How it works

The Handy WiFi travel WiFi works much like a typical wireless router at home except it wirelessly connects to mobile broadband instead of having to be plugged into a phone line to get online. Also important, unlike a typical wireless router it fits right into your pocket. Wherever you are the travel WiFi creates its own wireless network, acting as a WiFi hotspot. Any WiFi capable device in range can connect to the hotspot with the associated password.

The travel WiFi is most advantageous in areas where there is no WiFi, but there is mobile broadband coverage. So if you are traveling outside your hotel or major commercial area the travel WiFi is the best way to get online. The Handy WiFi travel WiFi is a great companion for the adventure through Iceland as it runs on battery power, so it doesn’t need to be connected to a power source at all times. Look for the best places to visit, best meals to eat and connect with other people with one easy solution.


How is the leasing procedure?

You book online and we reserve a travel wifi for you. When you arrive in Iceland you can pick up the package in six location. Most people prefer to pick up the device at the airport. Within minutes after receiving the package you will be surfing online. You can take the travel wifi with you anywhere in Iceland and after you finished using it you just put the package, with an envelopes that with it, in any mailbox in Iceland.

How fast is the travel WiFi?

The speed of the internet connection through a travel WiFi depends on the speed of the mobile broadband connection it uses. So on 3G mobile broadband the connection speed will be up to 21 Mbit/s, and on 4G, if MiFi supports it, the speed will go up to 100 Mbit/s.