Handy Wifi Pick-up Locations

Map of pick-up locations

Airport pick-up (Open 24/7) - most popular

1011 Dunkin Donuts

Once you step through the customs gate your Handy Wifi can be waiting 20 steps away. Walk to the 10-11 store to the right of the exit gate and ask for your Handy Wifi at the register with your order number. Open 24/7 all year round just waiting patiently for you to land.


PREPP café - our homebase (limited opening times)

If you need your Handy Wifi router fast this is the sure way to get it. A cozy café in downtown Reykjavík, grab a cup of coffee and your router and you are ready for some Icelandic adventures.

Can be delivered to order in 2 minutes. Just make sure we have routers available by ordering online.
PREPP is open 9-17 weekdays and 11-16 in the weekends.