Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General Terms of Rental 

Handy Wifi strongly recommends that you carefully read the information available at the web page www.handywifi.is

The following terms apply to all rental.  

  1. Definitions
    2. The device – Condition & Problems
  2. Rental period
    4. Terms of payment
    5. Data protection law 



  1. Definitions

“You” are the customer who paid and agreed to the rental. The customer is entitled to use the wireless devices & accessories. 

“Handy Wifi” is the owner of the equipment. 

“Device” is the wireless modem rented to you for the agreed duration of the rental period and will include all parts and accessories fitted to it at the commencement of the rental. 



  1. The device – Condition & Problems

2.1 Condition of the devices. 

A description of the condition of the device will/may be given to you at the beginning of the rental period. 

Before leaving the rental location, you are required to check the condition of the device. Where an apparent defect is found which is not already listed in the document, you must immediately inform a Handy Wifi employee via info@handywifi.is. All markings or damages must be recorded either in writing or in a drawing before the rental commences with the Handy Wifi employee. 

If the amended document is not countersigned by both parties, the condition of the device will be as set out in the document given to you with the rental agreement and it will be considered that you received the device in proper working condition. 

You will return the device, and items that came with it, in the same condition as it was provided at the start of the rental. You are responsible for any repair or refurbishment costs and these will be added to the cost of the rental. 

2.2 Use of the device 

The device must be used by you. If other people use the device it will be on your warranty. 

You must take care of the device. Handy Wifi requires refunds for any costs or repairs Handy Wifi might incur from the clients, in case of damages or faults. 

The device can be provided to you with a required setup. You must return the device with the same setup/software. Any other software or cost is not included in the rental agreement.  

Read through the guide that comes with the device. Wrong handling of the device counts as:

  • Using the device in water or in very damp circumstances
  • Using the device close to inflammable or dangerous goods, as well as toxic, corrosive, radioactive or other harmful substances
  • Connecting any accessory (if a written authorisation is not provided by Handy Wifi), unless supplied by Handy Wifi
  • Re-renting the device to other persons
  • Conducting illegal activities or cause damage to equipment, personnel, loss of software or violate the SAFETY of any software or brand  

You will be liable for any offence committed during the rental period which relates in any way to your use of the device, as if you were the owner. Upon the request of the Police or any official body, Handy Wifi may have to transfer your personal data to the lawful party. Such transfer will only be done in accordance with the data protection Laws of Iceland. 

2.3 Maintenance Problems 

When the rental period starts, the device will be fit for normal use. If it is not, or if it is unfit for normal use during the rental because of any problem or accident, you must inform a Handy Wifi by telephone or email. The contact number may be found in the user guide. In such a case, Handy Wifi will have the following choices: 

2.3.1.Replacing the device  / Cancelling the rental agreement. 

Handy Wifi is not liable to pay any maintenance or purchase of accessories associated with the equipment during the rental period. 

Fees and expenses of any repair undertaken by you will not be reimbursed to you. 

You must inform Handy Wifi, of all accidents, damage, problem or malfunction of the device, even those which may already have been repaired, when you return the device. You will remain liable for any damages.

Neither Handy Wifi nor its directors, officers or employees will be liable to you for any loss or damage (including but not limited to loss of profit or earnings etc.) nor, to the extent permitted by the Law, for indirect consequential damages whether your action is based on contract or in tort. 

In an emergency, Handy Wifi may request the device to be returned to Handy Wifi. You must do so immediately. The contract is then terminated and a new one can me made.

2.4 Breakdown Assistance 

For the length of the rental, as agreed with Handy Wifi, you have the benefit of a phone Assistance Service. If required, this service can be contacted by calling the telephone number on the user guide. 



  1. Rental period

3.1  Principle and Calculation 

You will return the device to Handy Wifi via mail service. A letter, stamp and a final location is provided in the package. The rental duration is calculated on the basis of  individual periods of 24 hours, starting from the time the device is made available.

In case you return the device to any other Handy Wifi rental location than the agreed location you need  have explicit approval from Handy Wifi to that effect or repatriation costs will be charged to you. 

3.2  Extension of the Original Duration of the Rental  

Should you wish to keep the device for a longer period than was originally set out in the rental agreement, you must first contact Handy Wifi by phone or email in order to extend the duration of the rental agreement. A valid credit card number must be provided as a payment for the extra period of time


3.3 Delivery and Collection Terms 

You must know the time and place of pick-up. Handy Wifi is not able to guarantee a delivery of the device before the agreed time nor in another location. In that case, you will be billed from the beginning of your contract and for any related cost to collect or deliver the device to another place.  

3.4 End of Rental 

The end of the rental is defined by the return of the device at to a postbox or a post office. 

The device must be returned with all accessories rented. If that is not the case, you will be invoiced for the replacement of these items. Handy Wifi strongly recommends that you carefully read the information available at the web page www.handywifi.is 

Under no circumstances will Handy Wifi accept any liability for articles that may have been left with the device at the end of the rental. 

3.4.1  In the event of confiscation, theft or accident/damage 

In the event of measures by third parties, including attachment, confiscation or impounding of the device, you must immediately inform Handy Wifi in writing. Handy Wifi will be entitled to take all measures which it deems necessary to protect its rights. You will be liable for all damage, cost and/or expenses associated with the above measures and for any direct, indirect, consequential damages (such as loss…) to the device. 

The rental agreement may be automatically terminated as soon as Handy Wifi is informed of such action by the official authorities or by you directly. 
Any use of the device which may be detrimental to Handy Wifi will entitle Handy Wifi to automatically terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect. You will then return the device immediately. 

In the event of theft of the device, the rental agreement will be terminated as soon as Handy Wifi has received a copy of the theft declaration made by you to the police authorities. In this case you are liable for the full amount of the device’s worth. 

In the event of an accident, the rental agreement will be terminated as soon as Handy Wifi has received a copy of the accident report completed by you and, where applicable, the third party. If Handy Wifi provides a new device, the rental agreement will be amended accordingly. In this case you are liable to pay the insurance deposit withdrawn from the start of rental. 

Handy Wifi denounces responsibility for loss, theft, robbery or damage of whatever nature relating to objects and/or utensils transported or which are with the device including, in particular, software and/or goods. 



  1. Terms of payment

4.1 Rates 

The total charges for each rental will be determined according to the price list applicable at the time of rental (according to the web page www.HandyWifi.is). 


4.2 Terms of Payment 

The charge on the credit card will always be made in USD, in case of card-holder´s bank has a different currency, it will be converted afterwards according to the card-holder’s bank conditions. 

Some banks and credit or debit card issuers may charge you an international processing fee. This international service fee is controlled and charged by your bank, or card issuer not by Handy Wifi or our payment processors.

The payment is made by means of a credit card, an authorisation will be requested prior to the start of the rental. 

The payment for the rental is charged when the device is reserved. Any additional charges associated to differences with the initial reservation period or dates, especially change in number of days of rent, damaged device or device not rightfully returned will be charged at the end of the rental period or earlier if deemed by Handy Wifi as necessary. 

When the device is returned, the invoiced amount will be charged to the credit card provided, unless you present another credit card. 

The extra cost incurred to the rental, because of additional service which correspond to the characteristics you originally indicated at the time of reservation (device type rental, duration, return place…). Any modification in the characteristics will entail the use of an appropriate alternative of extra cost. 

Any claims towards Handy Wifi are denounced, whether towards Handy Wifi, it’s officers, directors, employees or others. Handy Wifi is not liable to the contracting party for any amount or any action, law suit, claim or other legal issues that might arise. Handy Wifi is not liable for direct, indirect, consequential, punitive or other damages, such as loss of business or loss of profit, arising from or out of or in connection with the rental or use of any of the Handy Wifi devices, where the action is based on contract or in tort. Handy Wifi will be indemnified and held harmless from all claims, liabilities, damages, losses or expenses arising from the rental of theHandy Wifi devices.  

You must show the booking number, sent to you in an email, where the rental takes place. 

The authorised credit card provided must have available credit limit, as minimum an equal amount at the market value (at the country of rental) of the rented device at the time of the event rental deposit. 



5.- Data protection law 

Please note that during the course of booking, Handy Wifi will collect personal data. The client is obligated to provide the required information. Lack of information will prevent Handy Wifi from processing the booking correctly and may hinder the commencement of the rental agreement. 

Under the Icelandic Data Protection Act, you have the right to access, update, correct or delete personal data collected by Handy Wifi. You may correct factual errors in that data by sending a request to Handy Wifi pointing out the error. You should contact the web page www.HandyWifi.is for information about how to exercise these rights. 

In order to allow Handy Wifi  to provide you with effective services, Handy Wifi.com may from time to time transfer data collected to other companies in the EU or outside the EU. This transfer does not imply any restriction and our privacy policy will be fully applicable. By accepting these General Rental Terms, you hereby authorize Handy Wifi International to proceed with such a transfer.